Procurement, Cost Reduction and Cost Management Blogs of 2017

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Most of the blogs have a focus on procurement, the supply chain and topics surrounding UK business and charities.

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january 2017
4 Value Added KPIs to Measure Procurement and your Supply Chain

One of the key trends in 2016, within procurement, was KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how we, as a profession, go about measuring outcomes as we........................

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charity cost reduction
February 2017
10 Top tips for better procurement and cost reduction - Third Sector

Many organisations have cut activities, made redundancies or even closed altogether since the economic downturn of 2008, which had an effect on both businesses and charities.............

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March 2017
4 Snippets of Advice for P272 to Ensure your Business is Ready

P272 is a mandatory industry-wide change (instigated by OFGEM) for the half-hourly (HH) settlement of maximum demand meters with a meter profile of 05, 06, 07 and 08.............

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April 2017
How's your charitable donation being spent? The 5 main problems

Aside from the cuts in grants/ funding from local and central Government and increased competition for donations, charities are facing challengers and problems that are resulting in................

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Energy and Carbon Reduction
May 2017
8 Top Tips to Drive Efficiency Through Energy & Carbon Reduction

Business owners and decision makers within energy procurement need to start adopting energy efficiency measures as it'll be a great way to influence the price that you pay for your energy supply..........

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May 2017 - Bonus Content
Water Water Everywhere; Business Water and our 7 Savings Tips

Water deregulation in the UK has been initiated to remove barriers to competition and open up the water retail market for non-domestic customers. This means that organisations in England...............

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June 2017
6 Tips to Ensure Strategic Outsourcing isn't Risky Cost Cutting

As a business, you can always cut costs by finding something cheaper. But that's not necessarily the ethos behind cost reduction. Just ask British Airways after their IT failures in May 2017.................

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Ofgem TPI (Third Party Intermediary) Regulation
July 2017
A Call to Ofgem for TPI Regulation from a Third Party Intermediary

The term TPI can cover energy consultants, energy brokers or price comparison websites, all of which should have a similar goal. But not all are equal; beware the morally bankrupt...........

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August 2017
14 Fuel Saving Tips for your Business Fleet from Procuright

It's simple: saving fuel ultimately saves you and your business money. We've compiled our top 14 fuel saving tips to help you save. By following these tips you could realise savings of up to ..................

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September 2017
Creating a Role Vs Outsourcing for Better Procurement in Business

Procurement isn't just large organisations (think NHS) spending millions of pounds on thousands of suppliers as there comes a point within every business whereby they need to start thinking about................

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Business Energy
October 2017
7 Business Energy Procurement Tips and Tricks as a Guide

It's likely that your energy billing will rise during winter months. Demand is of course greater, which drives up the associated cost. But it's not all down to you using more electric and gas...................

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November 2017
Giving Away Free Stuff: An Exercise in Brand & Loyalty Building

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all love getting something for free. This is exactly why you should consider your business giving away free stuff to your customers and potential.........

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November 2017 - Bonus Content
What Can UK Businesses Learn About Spend Management From Martin Brundle?

Martin Brundle recently did a great feature into the costs and cost management issues within Formula One. And why ultimately, if the costs aren't managed more effectively, it could all come tumbling down. Just like millions of businesses have folded.............

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Microbusiness Energy Deals
December 2017
Microbusinesses and Your 4 Tips to Get the Best Business Energy Deals

There are just over 5 million microbusinesses in the UK. Approximately 45% of microbusinesses are on default electricity tariffs (which are, on average, 80% higher than a negotiated contract) as well as many achieving poor outcomes in their energy pricing.................

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