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Our aim is to provide you with a one-stop procurement and spend management service

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Our Story

Procuright began in 2007 and we've been on the greatest journey ever since. From our modest beginnings as a re-seller of courier and logistics solutions (we still do this too) to providing savings on all aspects of essential spend within a business (including Energy, Telecoms and Insurance) to house hold names, SMEs and Charities alike.


It started. Our first office was in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. It was a “loft office” (above a café) that you could only fully stand up in if you were under 5’5”


As our employees got taller, we realised we needed a new home. Barnsley, South Yorkshire was the next stop


We gained 3 more services to add to our portfolio that we provide to existing and new clients; Energy, Insurance and Telecoms


We were on the move again (this is still our home) to Sheffield (Penistone to be precise), South Yorkshire


Saw this website spring into action to act as a resource to new and existing clients. We started being more social too


3 more services were added to our kit including; Finance, Vehicles and Business Supplies


Waste Management Services, Food and Beverage Procurement and Merchant Services arrived as part of our portfolio

This is Who We Are

We are a specialist cost reduction and management company, independent of the supply chain and an outsourced, no-cost solution to rising costs. We aim to become a trusted partner within your supply chain, working with you many years from now for your procurement needs. 

This is What We Do

We manage and where there is scope to do so, reduce costs across your procurement portfolio on Courier and Logistics Services, Business Energy, Insurance, Telecoms, Water, Finance, Waste Services, Food & Beverage Services, Property Services, Business Supplies and more. 

This is Why We Do It

We can provide savings and add value to your business through the procurement of your essential services. Sourcing suppliers and negotiating deals can be both troublesome and time consuming. The alternative is to let us handle it; we do the legwork so you don’t have to. 


Finance Director

If you were to choose someone to deal with suppliers and providers on your behalf, then you’d choose Michael. He’s forceful and persuasive enough to ensure our clients get what they want and need from a cost saving consultant but polite enough to maintain excellent relationships within the industry. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in order to provide all of your Courier and Logistics solutions.

Previously working within the logistics industry and as a manager within the NHS, Michael is a numbers man with his calculator always close at hand. Which is pretty useful at a cost reduction company.

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Managing Director

Gemma has the understanding of markets, supplier differences and potential problems of each, that you'd expect from a cost saving consultant, which can truly benefit clients. She has the systems in place to keep on top of key contract end dates and acts as a reminder to clients when their contracts are due for renewal. She’s a resource that’s freely available and will always offer clients an informed choice to facilitate better decision making.

Despite having worked as a dog trainer for many years, Gemma’s actually quite personable.

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Clients love Molly. She’s focussed on end goals for them and will do all she can to deliver everything you need from a cost reduction company. She will never over promise which is why people have so much trust in her. In Molly’s head it can always be achieved for clients (whatever “it” is). But if it can’t then they’ll know from the outset and she’ll advise a different solution.

Although from a sales background, Molly is a great listener and will act upon our clients’ instructions. 

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Customer Care

Janette has over 15 years experience in customer care. She insists on the word care rather than service as everyone offers service but not enough people "care". We all, at Procuright, hope to not only add value financially but also to take the headache out of mundane "chasing up issues" which we happily do on your behalf.

The "care" likely comes from Janette's previous career as a Nurse specialising in Orthopaedics. 

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