Business Energy

We can simply provide some of the best prices in business energy (both business electricity and business gas), but there's so much more to our no-cost, value added offering too than just great tarrifs

We know that for many of you, your business energy will be vital to your daily operation and so it's important to find the best tarrifs for commercial use. Your rates will be determined by your energy usage. Provide us with the details of your business energy needs and we'll find a cost-efficient provider suited to your requirements.

Our cost saving and staff time saving Business Energy services are all value added meaning we don't charge for our business energy services.

Supplying tailored business energy packages specific to your business' needs as a no-cost solution

We'll compare every blue chip energy provider such as British Gas, EDF Energy, E.On, Scottish Power, SSE and many more (in fact, we work with all of them, except one, within the UK) to negotiate the best pricing and the most favourable Terms and Conditions for your needs (and even remove certain "mandatory" charges)

We're able to handle your business gas supply (which can be complex for the business gas market)

We'll undertake the tendering processes, contract negotiation, new contract set up, contract renewals, green energy, new and existing meters, fixed price contracts, flexible price contracts, take or pay clauses, termination traps, business gas infrastructure projects and alternative fuel procurement on your behalf.

Expert advice, procurement and account management on all aspects of your business electricity

We provide the tendering processes, contract negotiation, new contract set up, renewals, green energy, Climate Change Levy (CCL - a tax) advice, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) registration and compliance, electricity infrastructure, new and existing half hourly meters and Meter Operator Agreements (MOPs).

But This Isn't a Business Energy Comparison Site

For the majority of SMEs, we don't believe that simply ticking some boxes on a site will get you the best value deals. We act on your behalf to get you the best possible solution for your company. We handle all of the tendering, negotiations (we have the ability to get more favourable Terms and Conditions for you and remove certain "mandatory" charges) and paperwork for you. We also have in house technology so that we can alert you when you have a renewal approaching, to prevent your business rolling over onto expensive contracts. We're also experts in coterminous end dates, meaning we can bring energy supplies into line and give greater buying power across a multi-site business for additional cost saving and staff time saving. All this is value added; we don't charge you for our energy services.

We are happy to provide a cost review of any alternative fuel that is required to run your business on a day to day basis to include LPG and fuel oils. However, we are also committed to reviewing your existing fuel sources to see if we can help find a less carbon heavy fuel source. A reduction in your carbon output would likely mean a significant reduction in your annual spend too.