Business Insurance

Business insurance premiums are based on two factors; the history and risk of your sector and the history and risk of your company. There is little you can do about your sector's image regarding history and risk, but there are steps you can take to ensure your premiums are as low as they can be.

Our expert insurance partners will advise you on the right provider and cover for your business and on how you can reduce your premiums through ensuring compliance across health and safety, staff, documentation and systems etc. They can tailor your business insurance to suit your needs of course too.

They will also handle all the paperwork for you - all we need is your renewal date and we will do the rest so please feel free to Get In Touch. We can tailor your business insurance to suit your needs and we understand that different industries face different risks but it's worth mentioning some policies that aren't always thought of, in the first instance, but for relatively small premiums, can be vital to the protection of your business interests, including:

Credit Insurance for your business

Credit insurance provides you with protection against the failure of a customer to pay their trade credit debts and some other key benefits.

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Health Insurance for you and your team

Health insurance schemes can be tailored to suit you, your business and your team, with various elements of cover selected or left out as required.

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Cyber and Data Insurance for business

From a lost laptop and a hacked website to your customers' credit card details being stolen, cyber and data insurance will have you covered, as become more reliant on technology.

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Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance can protect directors. And yet, whilst it's one of the most discussed types of business insurance, it is one of the least understood.

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