Business Telecoms

The way people work (more companies are leaning towards home workers for instance) and communicate is undergoing big changes. Strengthening this move though is unified communications; the merging of voice, video and data communications services and applications on a shared IP based system.

A simple, no-cost and no-obligation review from Procuright will look at your business telecoms, current systems, providers and costs showing you what you currently have and advise if a unified solution would be beneficial. Should you decide to implement this business telecoms solution, Procuright will manage the migration, liaising with relevant staff and suppliers on your behalf. And of course, this will be done to suit your organisation's people, business processes and way of working rather than that of the suppliers'. And a quick note regarding the suppliers; we're a small team who are committed to supplying solutions to our clients meaning you'll only ever deal with us for any questions or issues you may have, so you won't need to lease with a call centre.

At the outset, we will work with you to define measurable objectives and expectations as to what unified communications can bring but the offering can include;

Business Calls & Lines

Not only can we save you money on your business line rental and business calls, you'll also enjoy much faster, much clearer and a better quality of customer service.

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Business Mobiles

Our business mobile users benefit from a series of services that extend beyond the usual "device and data bundle" offers and will adapt as your business evolves.

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Business Broadband

If you are concerned by your business broadband pricing, service levels, speeds or terms and conditions then please contact Procuright today to chat.

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Business Continuity

Our natural approach to business spend means that risk management and cost saving is ingrained in all we do. Thinking beyond the obvious is the key to business continuity.

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