Procuright assist both small and large companies that are either setting up a procurement function for the first time or are looking to improve or transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement activity. We consistently achieve our aims, to ensure our clients are able to increase the efficiency of their procurement and achieve a better outcome for their businesses.

With the rationale to outsource non-core services increasingly compelling, many organisations are finding that strategic, well-managed procurement outsourcing is a sure route to securing significant cost savings and efficiencies.

A Blank Piece of Paper

Each organisation has its own traditions, individualities and ways of doing things. Truly getting to grips with an organisation’s spending habits requires engagement with a range of stakeholders from multiple departments. Our process takes all of this into account. If you need help with a single process or if you need a complete overhaul of your current purchasing approach, every engagement is tailor-made to meet your exact requirements.

Supplier & Procurement Audit

We’ll collect and collate what is likely to be a vast amount of information. We’ll make this as painless as possible because we know strategy, we know industries and business, we know business functions and technology and we know suppliers. By working alongside Procuright, you’ll have access to thousands of experienced and skilled resources in supply chain strategy, innovation, processes and technology capabilities.

Proposal & Strategy Implementation

You'll have your own objectives and Procuright work towards these. As an example, many clients want us to focus on the key principles regarding cost saving (the majority benefiting from savings of over 30% - service dependent), process efficiencies and enhancements, business resilience and risk management. We'll also benchmark and evaluate suppliers to ensure implementation is with the most appropriate, based on capability, spend category, long-term value and innovation.

Performance improvement + innovation

Your Business Growth
Our Supportive Solutions

Companies with a true competitive edge, ultimately, grow. Whether it's organically, through acquisition or a combination of the two, successful and efficient businesses, existing supplier relationships, different processes and constantly evolving technology, products and services etc. all present huge opportunity for cost reduction, waste reduction and rationalisation within procurement and the supply chain.

Utilise our vast knowledge & experience of supply chain & procurement transformation

Many acquired businesses tend to be smaller operations, which have offered your company the right geographical presence but have likely created major supply chain management issues. This can include incompatible systems, networks and suppliers, problematic distribution channels, existing relationships and partnerships, legacy infrastructure problems and labour intensive processes.

Yet, with margins tight, you must ensure that your disparate departments, offices, depots or hubs work together as a seamless network. Systems must be migrated, protocols established, suppliers streamlined, contracts re-negotiated and streamlined, IT and telecoms incompatibilities addressed. And all of this must be done quickly and seamlessly. This is where Procuright can help.

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Outsourced Procurement

Procurement Outsourcing, Cost and Risk Assessment


Corporate challenges that
define your procurement strategy

What are your principal objectives? Are they focused on bringing new products or services to the market? Or selling more of what you already do? There is no short, definitive list of considerations that should be included within your procurement strategy. Priorities change over time and strategies must be reviewed and revised to reflect changes in circumstance and focus. You may need to review how you make procurement decisions and who is authorised to make those commitments, how to maximise value, your processes for dealing with suppliers and invoicing. Or wider issues such as compliance and corporate and social responsibility.

Corporate and social responsibility alongside procurement management

At Procuright, we're passionate about working towards a greener, sustainable future. That’s why we partner with companies within the blue-chip supply chain that match these principles. Their environmental and social initiatives vary greatly but as a general rule they’re designed to deliver ongoing benefits for the environment, our clients and local communities. These initiatives cover sustainable products, green deliveries, green energy, recycling initiatives and social value initiatives.

Procurement Management

Delivering cost savings & efficiencies
through robust outsourced procurement

We're strategic thinkers and hands-on implementers, familiar with all the latest supply chain tools, techniques and technology. But unlike most outsourced procurement functions, where the deliverable is often a recommendation, our team and partners will roll up their sleeves, get stuck in and implement the right solution.

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Procurement Outsourcing

Procuright and our procurement consultants can work independently, or alongside your;

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Head of Category/ Category Manager
  • Logistics Manager/ Director
  • Procurement Manager/ Director
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Category Buyer
  • Chief Purchasing Officer
  • Head of Procurement
  • Directors of FP&A
  • Managing Directors/ Owners
  • Finance Manager/ Director
  • Financial Controller

Procurement Management

We have supported clients on procurement management programmes, including;

  • Rationalising supply chains
  • Creation or implementation of procurement strategies
  • Managing procurement transformation projects
  • Procurement management
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Cost reduction projects
  • Rationalise and consolidate spending
  • Reducing supplier numbers
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring business continuity and resilience
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Reducing time spent on admin tasks
  • Outsourced procurement solutions
  • Mitigating risk
  • Improving business efficiency by deploying the latest strategies, processes, tools and technology

Procurement Services

In-house specialists and partners provide advice and solutions in areas, including;

  • Energy, Energy Management and Reduction
  • IT, Data and Telecoms Solutions
  • Office and Business Supplies
  • Logistics and Courier Services
  • Waste Management and Disposal
  • Insurance
  • Facilities Management
  • Vehicle Funding
  • Food and Beverages
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Pest Control
  • Water Services
  • HR and H&S
  • Commercial Property Lease Surrender, Restructuring & Rent Reduction
  • Indirect Procurement

Cost Reduction & Minimisation

Efficiency and costs are linked. As efficiency falls, costs increase. Our supply chain experts will re-work processes and drive down costs in the products and services you’re purchasing, as an overall. The chances are that most organisations can achieve immediate savings in their bought-in goods and services.

With the rationale to outsource non-core services increasingly compelling, many organisations are finding that strategic, well-managed procurement outsourcing is a sure route to securing significant cost savings and efficiencies. However, whilst the opportunities are significant, so are the risks, if it is not run well. Procuright can help you design and implement a procurement strategy that meets your business needs and mitigates risk along the way.

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Delivering ideas + innovation

Procurement outsourcing constitutes a growing trend of corporate procurement strategies. In fact, research has suggested that major companies will likely expand the scope of procurement outsourcing in the coming years. Procuright provide outsourced procurement management to yield your expected benefits.

  • Corporate Procurement
  • Procurement Services
We employ our unique methodology to ensure your project is successful

We assess a company's situation and bring our experience, impartiality and cut through the clutter to see exactly what needs to be done. We then implement. We're hands-on and drive an end-to-end solution with a value based approach.

Our solutions are built from the ground-up to address your business requirements

We review, design, develop, and implement key category spend and procurement strategies for our clients. Our non-emotional processes deliver real savings and will stand up to any level of scrutiny and help you deliver the business case.

Your final procurement strategy will be tailor made & well supported by our friendly team

So whether you have a procurement approach that needs reviewing and improving, or have nothing formalised to date, we can support you with best practice advice and most importantly, implementation that results in real value and cost reduction.

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