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Did you know, you can gain a significant cost saving on your water bills whilst at the same time helping the environment?

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Our water audit can help you reduce your company's water expenditure without affecting your business' output. Plus, our water audit can look for up to 6 years worth of rebates. It's simply money that your company could be entitled to.

Initially, the Water Audit would be carried out remotely to assess potential cost saving. Historical usage is reviewed to ensure correct metering/ charges are valid for your supply. Comparisons with your industry average are then carried out to highlight any anomalies.

Once potential cost savings are identified a site visit, from an engineer, is undertaken to identify any water leaks. Any problems are fixed quickly and efficiently by civil works engineers. A feasibility study can also be undertaken to see if rainwater harvesting or bore hole technology could benefit your business.

Business Cost Saving will provide you with proposals to increase your water efficiencies and any rebates will be given at this point too. We can also offer your business cost saving advice on, automated meter readings, grey-water recycling, Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax relief (for water recycling equipment) and trade effluent consents/ agreements.

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